Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I managed to sew it. I did it.

Wrote By aleen afifi
A few weeks ago, I tried to sew a tote bag, and here are some that I've done before. Two tote bags and one a makeup bag/punch I guess.
This tote bag belongs to my sister, as she need that for her daughter to put some stuffs when she send her to the babysitter. 
This one is mine, I will use it for keep my makeup or can be my pencil box jugak.
And this one, is the trial bag. I sew this first for trial, sesaje nak warm up dulu kan. After that, I started to sew the second tote bag and the punch bag. Today I will be sew another things but need to look up for some fabrics first.

Till then we meet again.. Daaadaaaa..
Happy working guys.

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