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My Heartwarming story Giveaway - Exclusively By Mummy Moon

Wrote By aleen afifi
Assalamualai'kum... Happy Friday and have a great weekend ahead peeps.

Hari nih ada masa sikit nak blogwalking and I found this Mummy Moon's blog and she currently do a giveaway for charity, and I thought I should join this giveaway because I need to find some 'saham' for my akhirat. If I join this giveaway, there is means I also contribute to this charity work. Am I right?...

Currently I had a daughter and I really love her with all of my heart. If she hurt, I also hurt, if she unhappy, so do I. She was born on November 2010 and she will turn two years old on this 28th November. Yeayyy!!!..

My husband and I are not living together, he's in Kemaman and I'm in Kuala Lumpur because of the demands of work. But my daughter is staying with me. But now I already work in Kuantan, not too far from my husband. Kuantan-Kemaman is only takes 45 minutes by driving.

Someday in August 2011 (really forgot the actual date), she was 9 months old that time. I bring she home from her daycare and I saw she was not active like before, but she's not crying at all while I'm driving home. We safely arrived home. She was not 'mengomel' at me like before. After two hours we landing landing at hall and watching tv, she make a sound 'ehek ehek' and that is a signal that she want milk.

I prepared for her milk and feeding her, but after she finished, she suddenly vomited all the milk that she had just now. I was panic for a while. I afraid that she will choke her milk and tried to 'pupuk' her back so she can vomit all the milk. From 8pm until 10.30pm, she had 9 times vomited.

Around 11.15pm, I took her to Hospital Selayang and masyallah, got so many people are waiting to see doctor and I need to wait almost two hours before my number called up. I told the doctor what happened to my daughter and while the 'storytelling' I'm hardly can't to hold my sorrow and I let my eyes cried. The doctor advice me to calm, and let her do her work, and she informed me that she need to get a pin of my daughter's blood to check what's going on inside her body.

I saw with my eyes, that my daughter cried meraung raung when the Medical Assistant (MA) cucuk and get her blood. The MA bring the blood to the doctor to do analysis, and I need to wait again. After one hour, the doctor called me up to see her in her room. I was throb and my heart beat are so fast that time. She informed me to keep calm and relax to hear her explanation. But I can't to do that. Dia belom beritahu apa apa pon saya memang dah menangis. She informed that my daughter had some infection through milk, that's why she keep vomited until she was nearly flat. But, she said, "don't worry, no so serious, lucky that you bring her to hospital, but if you're late, I'm guarantee that this thing will become worst."

On that time, I blamed myself that I'm not a good mother, I gave her contaminated milk. Why I doesn't check first before feed her? Why I let my daughter through all the painful? Why why why????

The doctor gave me some medicine and also a set of 'air garam' sachet. That will give some energy to my daughter after she vomited. I was relieved when the doctor said "that's not so serious". But I still worried that she will vomit while sleep, and that night I 'tidur tidur ayam' je. Takot apa apa jadik pada dia.

Before I go to the hospital earlier, I already informed my husband about this, and after we arrived home from hospital, I informed my husband that our daughter is ok according to the doctor and my husband ask whether he need to came here or not, and I said, that's up to him, and he decided to come over and will take care of our daughter on the next day and I don't need to send her to her daycare.

Now, our daughter is rarely fall ill, fever and etc. She was happy go lucky daughter and always make us smile even though we are tired came back from work, but she always make something that can make us happy.

We love you Arissa.

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