Wednesday, September 5, 2012

AXE Anarchy Island Getaway

Wrote By aleen afifi
This entry is created to participating in the Nuffnang contest called AXE Anarchy Island Gateway.

Usually as a married couple, after several years live together, they always doesn't care about each other. I'm not talking about others. I'm talking about my life itself. I noticed that my husband and I seldom seducing each other.*wink. I think its maybe influenced by several factors i.e: age, work, emotion, and etc.

My husband and I living in the different state. He works in Kemaman and I'm in Kuala Lumpur. We rarely can meet up unless we having a long leave (but never had before) and had a vacation. If other people are like us, I think they must be a passion to meet each other after long time no see right? But not for us. Tapi tidaklah sampai tak mahu berjumpa teros. :)

I think I must do something that I can bring back our precious feeling like before. 

What would I do to attract the opposite sex? Ohhh no. I mean my husband lah.

1. Cook for him.
I'm not always have a chance to cook for him as us not live together. But I will do that if we are living in the same house (yeker??). I mean I will try my best la for not dinner outside. If I'm 'overdose' diligent that time maybe I will cook something special for him. Sebab pepatah melayu ada menyebut "nak jaga suami, kenalah jaga perotnya" Hikss. Tapi lepas makan jangan lah complaint. Kecik hati.

2. Clean up 

My daughter and I are living together here and I realize that I had not enough time to treat myself. I mean, I need to take care of my daughter and need to spend more time with her after my working time. Usually I only got shower in only ten minutes. If my husband is here, I think I can spend more time in the bathroom to shower, maybe in thirty-fourty minutes time because I need to prepare myself at least in good looking with nice smell as well in front of my husband. I think my husband can be charm with the nice smell. Ohhh yeayyyhhh!!!!

3. Keep clean and tidy
Living with kids, you can't avoid with kids behavior which is, they love to try something new, and they always mess up everything in the house. As a working mother, I also have no time to tidy up all the things as  messed up by my daughter. If my husband is living together with us, I'm pretty sure I can spend some time to clean and tidy up the house because he can take care of our child for a while. Cooperation itu kan penting, bukan??

4. Aromatheraphy fragrant
To animate atmosphere in our room, I will use the aromatheraphy fragrant to keep our room calm with nice smell that can make our feeling be more lust (OMG OMG). Like I wrote before, my husband can be charm with the nice smell.

5. Massage

But before that, I think I want to try to do a body massage on him. Never tried it before but I'm pretty sure that he will like it, because its will comfy him and will make him relax hence can make him sleep wakeless also.

So those above are 5 methods that I will do to attract opposite sex (my husband). I hope I will get a good responses by using all these methods, and really hope that he will loves being treat like that. *hopefully*.

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